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About the Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is an online program that allows students to easily connect the concepts they learn to the clinical setting, through virtual patient experience in a safe environment. Presenting unfolding stories in a serialized format about a virtual community, episodes include videos, photos, medical records and text to highlight the circumstances that surround and affect the health of the community members. Like a TV show, your students "tune in" to The Neighborhood, starting in their first semester, and immerse themselves in stories told from the perspective of both patients and nurses. With the assistance of The Neighborhood's Faculty Navigation Guide and more than 700 pre-built activities and assignments embedded in the Faculty access to The Neighborhood, you can easily integrate appropriate storylines into your lecture or lab, lessening the gap between theoretical learning and clinical application. Students continue to follow The Neighborhood storylines throughout each course in your program – providing a consistent, longitudinal case study filled with engaging characters and scenarios.

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Jean Giddens

Jean GiddenJean Giddens, PhD, RN is Professor and Interim Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the College of Nursing, Health Sciences Center, University of New Mexico. A nurse educator for over 25 years, she is considered an expert in curriculum, conceptual learning, educational research, and innovative teaching strategies. She has authored and contributed to several nursing textbooks and media products, and written over 20 peer-reviewed journal articles. Additionally, Dr. Giddens has extensive experience as a nursing education consultant and has presented her work at multiple national and international meetings. She initially developed The Neighborhood for students at the UNM nursing program.

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Neighborhood Demo!

View selected weeks from The Neighborhood. The demonstration includes several character stories from Level 1 of The Neighborhood. Four out of the eleven community households are featured in the demo The Allens, the Martins, the Ocampos and the Rileys. Refer to the table below to see how the story lines presented (2 weeks of stories/episodes for these four families), relate to topics you teach in your classes. Also, ask your Pearson Representative to see The Neighborhood Faculty Navigation Guide to view a listing of applicable storylines for each course in your program, synopses of character storylines, and how characters are interrelated.

In the full product, there are 15 weekly episodes in each of 3 seasons/levels. The seasons correspond to the semesters or terms in your program. There is a 4th level/season which is access to all of the episodes. A student goes online at any time during a particular week to view that weekly episode. They are able to see past episodes, but not future ones. Instructors then refer back to the storylines that students have seen to teach topics in their classes.

Your school would use The Neighborhood first with your incoming first semester students. Then in your next term, those students would migrate to season/level 2, and new students would start in level 1. And so on.

Start the Demo

What you will see in the demo:



Concepts and Problems


Clifford Allen

Elimination, family dynamics, BPH, depression, substance abuse


Pam Allen

Elimination, nausea, vomiting


Gary Allen

Developmental delay, cognitive impairment, family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, anxiety


Gil Martin

Pain, chronic back pain, family in crisis


Helen Martin

Nausea, nutrition, pain, cholelithiasis, obesity, menopause, family in crisis, anxiety


Anthony Martin

Family in crisis, schizophrenia


Kristina Martin

Nutrition, family in crisis, eating disorder


Tracie Ames

Family in crisis


Mark Martin

Mobility, family in crisis, substance abuse


Tyler Martin

Family in crisis


Mary Martin

Sensory-perceptual, osteoporosis, cataracts, glaucoma, family in crisis, health promotion


Danilo Ocampo

Self care, sleep, heart failure, hypertension, power of attorney


Lydia Ocampo

Safety, self care, dementia


Jessica Riley

Sleep, unplanned teen pregnancy, prenatal care, domestic violence, social services


Ryan Riley

Infection, nutrition, oxygenation, upper respiratory infection, domestic violence, financial stress


Casey Holmes

Domestic violence, substance abuse

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Free Preview Access

Instructors can enjoy free preview access to The Neighborhood - check out the whole program and find out what everyone is talking about!

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Here's how:

  1. Select the "Request Preview" button, and you will receive a username and passcode via email for 30-days of free access, plus a link to the Faculty Navigation guide
  2. Come back here and read the Tips below
  3. Select the "Preview Log-in" button
  4. Use the username and passcode you received via email to login
  5. Click on "Go to Class"
  6. Select: A Season 3 30-Day Trial Neighborhood Instructor 30 Day Trial
  7. You now have access to the program. You can log back in with your username and passcode at any time during the 30 days after your first login

TIP: If this is your first introduction to The Neighborhood, we strongly recommend that you first view the recorded webcasts.

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Recorded Web & AudioCasts

View and listen to recorded web and audiocasts at your convenience and on-demand.

Webcast: Introduction to The Neighborhood

Webcast: User Case Studies–Course Integration of The Neighborhood

Audiocast: Interview with Author Jean Giddens

  • Phone playback version:
  • Dial 888-899-7904
  • At the prompt, enter Playback ID 097438086# and the playback will begin. The following keypad commands are available during playback:
  • Press 3 for fast forward 30 seconds
  • Press 7 to rewind 30 seconds
  • Press # to Pause/Resume playback
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